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MAD Festival offers residencies, twice a year. The next one will take place from November 1 until 7 (RESIDENCY #2, at Het Oude Badhuis). We also offer space for technical trainings at SPRK (Park Spoor Noord).

All residencies are open for all levels of circus artists - both beginning and experienced artists, both Belgian and international makers are welcome to develop their practices or new shows.

Custom Residencies

If you find yourself in the research stage of your project, you’ll get sufficient time and space to experiment during a LAB RESIDENCY. When your project is already being developed, MAD offers you a CREATION RESIDENCY. During this residency you can finish the work on your show or installation.
But there are opportunities for those who just need space for technical trainings or rehearsals, as well. If possible, we even prefer to set up a long-lasting partnership: starting with a LAB RESIDENCY which evolves into a CREATION RESIDENCY and ends with your project finding its way to an audience. However, this is not a prerequisite.

How to apply?

Fill in the application form

Deadline for application is 6 September.

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