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A 2 mètres Jesse Huygh & Rocio Garrote
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06|07|08|09.01 - 6pm > 6:40pm

8 Years and up

Jesse Huygh is a performer and a muco patient. In the duo performance À 2 mètres, he uses his medical situation as a medium to talk about limits and confrontations, but also about being there for each other. À 2 mètres is an ode to stubbornness in gentleness because one has to carry on, even if it's sometimes hard to have to accept help. Jesse developed the concept of the performance during a hospital stay in full lockdown. He also conceived an alternative form of presentation in which both performers take place on a moving truck. Patients in hospitals and residents of residential care centres thus get the chance to experience the performance in the window.



Created and performed by: Jesse Huygh and Rocio Garrote
Dramaturgical assistant: Alba Sarraute
Outside seeing eyes: Aurelia Brailowsky and Sergi Pares
Lighting design: Nicolas Priouzeau
Music: Felix Fivaz

With support from

30CC Leuven
Espace Catastrophe

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