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Cirkelgewelf Divi Divi & 't Zoonlief Collectief
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06.01 > 5:30pm to 6pm & 7pm to 7:30pm

07.01 > 5:30pm to 6pm & 10pm to 10:30pm

08.01 > 5:30pm to 6pm & 10pm to 10:30pm

09.01 > 5:30pm to 6pm & 7pm to 7:30pm

What must once have been a magnificent tent lies desolately on the ground. With a diameter of 16 metres, it invites you to sit down and relax. Together with the audience and bystanders, the structure is straightened out and a performance unfolds. Cirkelgewelf is made for aerial acrobatics, climbing and rope techniques and carries some well kept secrets. Get ready for a performance in a structure as high as 9 metres.

Cirkelgewelf is not only an installation but also offers a learning path to aspiring circus artists. As of December 2020, a group of young acrobats from Ell Circo d'Ell Fuego were working on further exploring the possibilities of the Circular Vault and trying out new techniques. At the Circolo Festival (NL), co-producer of the project, fourth-year students of circus school Acapa in Tilburg were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in presence of a wide audience. They will also help to produce the show at the MAD Festival.

Get ready for a performance in a construction of no less than 9 metres high!



Concept: Bert Beyens en Lieven Slabbinck 
Sounddecor: Jago Moons
Production: Divi-Divi and ’t Zoonlief Collectief 
Coproduction: MAD Festival (B) and Festival Circolo (NL)

With support from

Grensverleggers, arrangement for support of cultural collaborations between parties in Flanders, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Province of Limburg and the Province of Zeeland

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  • Thursday 6 January 2022 - 17:00 - 17:50
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