Humans 2.0


A symphony of acrobatics, sound and light, this is next level circus by Circa.

Ten bodies appear in a flash of light. They move in harmony for a fleeting moment and then descend into a sinuous trance. Towers grow and decay, bodies leap and are caught, as physical limits are pushed to their extreme. Can we ever find a perfect balance or is adapting to constant change the only way forward?

Circa has reached and amazed over 1.5 million spectators with their groundbreaking acrobatics, leading to standing ovations and sold-out venues. Don't miss their Humans 2.0, a tightly woven choreography of bodies, an intimate, yet primal engagement with the challenge of being human.


  • Direction: Yaron Lifschitz
  • Music: Ori Lichtik
  • Light design: Paul Jackson
  • Costumes: Libby McDonnell
  • Technical direction: Jason Organ
  • Representation: Wolfgang Hoffmann/Aurora Nova
  • Commissioned by: Mondavi Center, UC Davis

With the support of

Australian Government (Creative Australia), Queensland Government (Arts Queensland), Creative Australia en Arts Queensland


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