During the fall of 2023, Emma Versluys, Daniel Fernández and Berkey used their residency at Wisper to work on their show Flickering.

Flickering is only a working title, which is quite fitting for the whole project: the trio is aiming to create a performance about the constant change they have to cope with, as people and as aspiring artists. Both professionally and personally, their young lives have been a constant coming and going of new faces, possible friendships and potential collaborations.

As a metaphor for how to approach the unknown, they chose a swinging Chinese pole. Its weight and often impressive speed form an unpredictable factor in their acrobatics, but the platform at the bottom also literally offers support. During their week in residency, Emma, Daniel and Berkey learned to trust each other and the pole, which resulted in "surprisingly few bruises". 

Thanks to MAD, the trio has made significant progress in their creation. "We organised a little viewing at the end of our residency, where we got loads of useful feedback." The teaser they recorded with our videographer will also come in handy in the process of new applications.