Illusions is the name of the performance by the German-Italian duo Henrike Lechler and Ricci Marrancini, also known as Duo Cubo. Both are currently in their final year at the circus school ACAPA in Tilburg. During a residency week at Het Oude Badhuis, they continued to work on their performance, which revolves around optical illusions.

How can we incorporate optical illusions into a live performance, using the set and our bodies? That is the question that Duo Cubo starts with for their show Illusions. Henrike - born in Germany - and Ricci - originally from Italy - met at the ACAPA circus school in Tilburg.

In 2023, they collaborate on Illusions, a performance lasting 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of February, they spent a week in residence at Het Oude Badhuis, as part of the MAD Festival.

"With the two of us, and the assistance of costumes, set, and lighting, we create images around the theme of optical illusions", explains the duo to MAD. "We focus on the transformation and shifting of three elements: time, gravity, and space. Central to this is the exploration of innovative ways of interacting with our working tool: the Chinese pole."