Cirkelgewelf originated in the creative brains of Bert Beyens ('t Zoonlief Collectief) and Lieven Slabbinck (Divi-Divi).

They came up with the concept for a circular construction that refers to the arena of a circus and is built up into an arched structure, suitable for circus and climbing techniques. Lying down, the Cirkelgewelf forms a meeting point: spectators gather around and on the construction. Together with the audience, the gigantic metal frame is straightened into a 9-metre-high construction in which a performance is created.

MAD Festival and Festival Circolo (Tilburg, NL) co-produce the project, which is not only a performance/installation, but also offers learning opportunities for young circus artists. From December 2020, a group of young acrobats worked to further explore the possibilities of the Cirkelgewelf and to try out techniques. The construction has not revealed all its secrets yet. But at the first edition of MAD Festival, the audience will undoubtedly be impressed by the opportunities of Cirkelgewelf. To be continued!

Pictures: Jasper Léonard