Stunning acrobatics, interactive circus,  a delightful festival atmosphere enhanced by lovely springtime weather, and around 12,500 enthusiastic attendees: MAD Festival 2024 was an overwhelming success. 

What a crowd, this past weekend at Asiadok-Westkaai and in and around Park Spoor Noord. A whopping 12,500 of you, the audience, thoroughly enjoyed both the sun and MAD Festival. Relive four days of captivating circus performances, informative workshops, a relaxed atmosphere, and music and dance vibes late into the night in our aftermovie above.

For those who enjoy some numbers: 125 artists from 15 companies showcased their best performances at 11 different locations, totaling more than 45 shows.

The three-day MAD Convention, in collaboration with Ell Circo D'ell Fuego, welcomed 350 young and not-so-young acrobats from 8 different nationalities, offering a total of 203 workshops in over twenty different circus disciplines. Smell the sweat in the Convention's aftermovie below.

That leaves you wanting more! So mark your calendars for April 10th to 13th, 2025. That's when the circus madness will erupt again during the third edition of MAD Festival, this time right in the middle of the Easter holidays.

Thanks for diving into the MADness with us, and see you next year!

Team MAD