Da Capo

Circus Ronaldo

‘Da Capo’ presents the story of a circus family: an imaginative, nearly filmic family chronicle of love, necessity, apparent coincidence and passion.

The audience follows the timeline of the Ronaldo family: starting with little Adolphe, who ran away from home to join the circus nearly 200 years ago, to the seventh generation of circus artists in the ring today, onwards to infinity. 'Da Capo' offers a universal story in its own unique way, recognisable to each of us, because everyone needs support and trust, connection and family.

The show passes by like a parade. A parade of time, fragments, memories and dreams, which suddenly come to a halt and then continue on their way. The parade moves on, to new generations, new chances and broken dreams, but always connected by a love for circus!


  • Concept & direction: Danny Ronaldo
  • Performance: Danny Ronaldo, David Ronaldo, Nanosh Ronaldo, Pepijn Ronaldo, Angelo Ronaldo, Adanya Ronaldo, Karel Creemers, Corneel Didier, Rachel Ponsonby, Marie Parrinet, Elisa Cheryl Vizioli, Brechje De Ruysscher, Maria Ronaldo, Frauke Verreyde, Flor Huybens, Niko Heremans
  • Technical direction: Flor Huybens, Niko Heremans
  • Direction: Frank Van Laecke
  • Sound design: David Van Keer, Steven Pringels, Pepijn Ronaldo, Rachel Ponsonby
  • Manager: Lesley Verbeeck

With the support of

Latitude 50 - pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue (Marchin), Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (Pelt), La Piscine – Pôle national des arts du cirque (Châtenay-Malabry), hetpaleis (Antwerpen)

Special thanks to

Tax Shelter, 30 CC (Leuven), De Warande (Turnhout), Gemeenschapscentrum ’t Blikveld (Bonheiden), de Vlaamse Overheid


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