MAD Generation

MAD Festival is also a meeting place for young artists studying at (inter)national circus schools. During MAD Convention, they can train together and share their skills and knowledge, and on the MAD Generation stage, young creators can showcase their talents to the general public. Thanks to collaborations with circus schools across Europe, we present the most captivating young acrobats, eager to take the leap into the professional circuit.

This performance consists of several short acts, skillfully presented by beatboxer Gaspard Herblot. A warm dive into a vibrant circus pool!

Sien Van Acker - 'MORE IS MORE'

In Tilburg and Toulouse, Sien perfected her skills as a tightrope walker, but in this show alter ego might lose her footing. She portrays a drama queen who sings her off-key notes loud and proud, a pop star dressed in cuddly toys who pours a layer of glamour over her shame and hides behind glitter and countless costume changes. 'MORE IS MORE' is a tragedy in neon and confetti.

Daniel Simu - 'Acrobot'

With his custom-made robot acrobat, Daniel Simu redefines our understanding of the collaboration between humans and machines. Through an exciting mix of juggling and acrobatics, he narrates his personal story of discovering the Acrobot, simultaneously challenging our connection with machines and the entire future of performing arts.

Company Blauwahl - 'Svalt'

The five artists in Company Blauwahl first crossed paths in Cirkus Cirkör's Gymnasium and then went on to finetune their teeterboard technique at Stockholm University of the Arts. Now they're about to take off an a whole new adventure, embedded with a vision of rhythm, site specific ideas and innovative teeterboard technique.

Giulio Lanfranco - '3 ladders'

If you could get rid of the boundaries of your prison, would confinement then become a game? Giulio's three ladders are unstable walls that are difficult to escape, but as an artisan of balance, he uses them to compose structures and ultimately gain freedom.

Cie Nawar

Balancing together in their Cyr wheel, Tommy Entresangle and Jules Sadoughi explore an existential question as simple as it is profound: to what extent do we protect ourselves from our relationship with others? In 8 minutes of uninterrupted movement, they rid themselves of both their literal and figurative armour and slowly allow themselves to rely on each other.


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